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Car Battery Replacement NoosaMy battery is dying – can you replace it?


Yes we can!


There’s nothing more frustrating than when your vehicle won’t start. It’s Murphy’s Law – it always happens when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere important, or in the dark in the middle of nowhere.


The cause of the problem is often at the heart of the electrical system – the battery.


Can mechanicare help? You bet we can! With specialist auto electrical skills, the mechanicare team knows more about batteries than most. We stock a range of quality batteries to suit all kinds of vehicles, from a jet-ski to a big four wheel drive.


So if you think your battery is dying, call in and see us about it. We can test, and if need be, replace your battery in minutes so you know your vehicle will start when you need it most.


So if you need a new battery, talk to the bright sparks at mechanicare – call 5473 0016 today!